The Use of Technology to Provide Financial Services and Products to the Poor

Responsible Finance Forum III

April 23, 2012

Washington DC, United States

Responsible Finance Forum attendees 2012The objectives of the Forum were to focus on focus on concrete actions to embed responsible finance principles into the DNA of financial institution, strengthen the business case for responsible finance and building evidence for it hearing the voices of practitioners in the field and, finally, create a road map for collective and institutional efforts to implement responsible finance principles.

To this end, the Forum brought together the views and experiences of different actors in responsible finance and spark discussion within three areas: (1) Micro and Retail, including specialized financial services such as housing finance, savings and payment (2) Banks, including corporate banks and businesses, and (3) Investors, including investment managers and asset owners.



As a result of the Forum, a Community of Practice was established with the intent to improve cooperation, share expertise, views, and knowledge on the emerging concept of responsible finance. Over the last years, the CoP has expanded to include bilateral and multilateral donors, development finance institutions, implementing agencies, and financial sector experts to bring together various experiences and perspectives about responsible finance and what it means for the development community, the financial sector, and related stakeholder groups.

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The agenda and along with the schedule of events is available in a pdf format (opens in a new tab): 

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The third Responsible Finance Forum (RFF III) was hosted by IFC in Washington D.C. on April 23, 2012.  It convened nearly 200 participants from the financial sector, bilateral and multilateral donors, investors and the broader international community. For the first time, the full-day event, coordinated with BMZ, CGAP, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) brought together leaders from the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion, World Bank Group, IMF and prominent private sector representatives (AMK, Banco de Oro, Equity Bank, Grupo ACP, HDFC, MicroCred, OpenRevolution, ParaLife, Sanasa, Shorebank, and others) to share experiences in putting responsible finance into action. RFF III also featured the SMART Campaign’s Client Protection Principles and an update on the Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance (PIIF) launched at RFF II the year before.

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