Responsible Investing in Digital Financial Service

Responsible Investing in Digital Financial Services


By 2025, emerging markets' GDP could increase by
$3.7 trillion and create 95 million jobs across all sectors.
Funding for financial inclusion recently reached a historic high of $37 billion,
another $31 billion total are invested in fintechs globally each year.
We see evolving opportunities and risks in digital innovation for inclusive growth

Towards 2030 and Beyond

As Signatories, our goal is to accelerate investments that create value-added benefits for digital finance customers and broader digital ecosystems. We strive to catalyze investments in responsible digital innovation.  We collaborate with industry and technology leaders as partners to fine-tune evolving solutions, emerging evidence and business models for inclusive growth.

Catalyze investments for digital inclusion and sustainability

Manage new risks and opportunities with digital trends

Growth through customer loyalty and digital resiliency


We are shaping evolving insights, due diligence tools and operational practices.  We share experiences through case examples from investors and industry in digital inclusion. We give collective feedback, building from our own investment experience and new business innovations to implement the Guidelines.
We are reaching out to our investee networks, technology and strategic partners to join us and fortify our Signatory base to scale responsible investing  and innovation for digital inclusion.
We are implementing and testing practical steps through 10 guideposts and actions proposed, as relevant to our investments or evolving business models and industry practices.
We as private sector investors and signatories co-led the development of the Investor Guidelines, we seek ongoing feedback and share our experiences through Investor Forums and our networks.
We anchored the Guidelines to the G20 High Level Principles because it is the first and most comprehensive principles for digital finance, endorsed in 2016 with China as holder of the G20 Presidency.
We began as a core group at the Responsible Finance Forum in Berlin in 2017, grew to over 50 Co-founding Signatories in 2018 in Amsterdam and today there are over 120 Signatories representing investors and innovators for digital inclusion.

What Is Next

Investor News | For Action
-WHAT'S NEW: Congratulations to Responsible Digital Innovator of the Year Award winners, announced  on October 7, 2019 during the Global SME Finance Forum 2019 in Amsterdam.Candidates were selected based on criteria underpinned by the Guidelines for Responsible Investing in  Digital Financial Services.  F-Road received the Platinum Award and JUMO received the Gold Award--both are co-founding Signatories and are actively implementing the Guidelines in their operations.Thank you also to those who took the time to serve as judges, with  representatives from: Accion, Apis Partners, CDC, CIM, DEG, Goodwell, GSMA, IFC, and Triple Jump.
- FOR ACTION:  Share investor and signatory tools; give feedback to operationalize the Investor Guidelines: what works, what doesn't for digital finance investments:
  1. DEG developed a draft briefing note for investors who are assessing fair and transparent pricing as part of  their investment in fintechs.  Here is the Draft Briefing Note and send us feedback.
  2. IFC developed a draft due diligence tool for investors who are incorporating customer risks into their broader investment due diligence process across core operational areas.  Here is the Draft Due Diligence Tool, along with the Risk Matrix and send us your feedback.


We as Signatories promote the Investor Guidelines and proactive innovators for responsible digital finance
1. Promote Responsible Investment in Digital Finance
2. Manage Risks Comprehensively with Growth of Digital Inclusion
3. Foster a Proportionate Legal and Regulatory Framework
4. Facilitate Interoperability and Infrastructures for DFS Ecosystems
5. Establish Customer Identity, Data Privacy and Security Standard
6. Promote Fair and Transparent Pricing
7. Improve Disclosure of Terms and Conditions for Customers
8. Enhance Customer Services For Problem Resolution and Product Innovation
9. Prevent Over-Indebtedness, Strengthen Digital Literacy and Financial Awareness
10. Track Progress to Mitigate Risks and Expand DFS Opportunities