Our Strategic Partners

The Responsible Finance Forum (RFF) engages with Strategic Partners since its inception, representing a global network of leading organizations who are at the forefront of developments in the financial sector, digital financial services, financial inclusion and fintech.  As Strategic Partners, organizations have stepped forward to provide either technical content, event resources, funding  and/or a combination of each to help advance the priorities of the Responsible Finance Forum.   We remain extremely grateful for the continued support of our partners throughout the years and in moving forward.   The Annual RFF is also organized in coordination with the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), including with co-implementing partners across GPFI Sub-Groups.  The Responsible Finance Forum welcomes all existing and potential partners throughout the year to share their latest insights or initiatives to deepen collaboration with investors, private sector players, government and policy makers, consumer groups, financial institutions, digital inclusion and technology providers. Become a Forum Partner today!